Freight Management – How to Respond to Supply Chain Disruption

  Now that the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) an international public health emergency, it's important to consider the long and short-term impact of the disease on supply chains around the globe. Below, we briefly consider the current impact of COVID-

Freight Forwarder for India-USA Shipments – Logistics Services for India-US Imports and Exports

Learn about logistics between the USA and India

india-to-usa-shippingAEL offers full service freight forwarding, custom house brokerage, warehousing, distribution  and  international trade consulting  for importing from India to the USA and exporting from the USA to India. We provide our India clients with a complete range of logistics services: Ocean/Sea Freight (FCL, LCL, RORO, Breakbulk), Air

Basics of Exporting and Logistics – How to Export Goods Overseas

Basics of Exporting and Logistics - How to Export Goods Overseas

Whether you are new or experienced in exporting, there are seems to always be areas of exporting that may confuse or not be completely clear to the Exporter. For new-to-export Exporters, it could be the Incoterms between seller and buyer, what mode of shipment is best, or documentation/legal issues. For experienced Exporters, it could be a lack of understanding on how to label their cargo to meet a requirement in a country they haven’t shipped to yet, what the optimal routing is to meet their buyer’s requirements, or the best airport/seaport to ship to in order to reduce costs and tran

What is a Triangular Trade, Triangle Shipment or Foreign-to-Foreign Shipment and what are the Benefits?

Learn about What a triangle shipment is and how we can help you succeed

triangle-trade-example  What is a Triangular Trade, Triangle Shipment, Cross-Trade or Foreign-to-Foreign Shipment and what are the Benefits? A Triangle shipment, Triangle trade, Triangular Shipment, Triangular Trade or Foreign-to-Foreign shipment is when there are 3 countries and 3 parties involved in a transaction.  

How to Ship and Import Goods from Overseas to the USA – 10 Questions Your Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker Need Answered to Quote the Shipping Cost from China or Other Countries to the USA

How to Import to the US

137__240x175_areas-of-international-trade-import-logistics-from-overseas-to-the-usa-how-to-import-to-the-usa The same questions we ask below will apply if you are importing from China, Brazil, Turkey, S

10 Tips On Choosing a Freight Forwarder – Terminology and Questions To Ask Yourself and Potential Freight Forwarders

How to choose and select a freight forwarder


When it comes to international freight forwarding and transportation, selecting the right freight forwarder is like choosing the right supplier, vendor or accountant; you are choosing a partner that will help your business succeed. Your freight forwarder sh


Exporting to Africa / Shipping to African Countries

The continent of Africa is seeing tremendous growth in both it's social and economic status. Africa is home to 6 of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world. This includes North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara) as well as  Sub-Saharan Africa which includes all other countries below North Africa. [singlepic id=108 w=320 h=240 float=left]Investors from all over the world are flocking to places like Nigeria, Ghana, Libya, Kenya, Angola to invest in everything from  manufacturing  plants to software and mobile phone networks.  The first commodities shipped to high growth "frontier markets" is

How to Ship Cars Overseas

How to Ship Cars Overseas

Whether you are shipping your car overseas because you are moving or starting an auto export business, you need to be aware of the auto export process and what to expect when shipping cars overseas. This post is also relevant to shipping boats, motorcycles, motor homes overseas. We will generalize everything as "car" and "cars" and sometimes "auto" or "autos" in this post.   Let's start with the different types of vessels and equipment available to ship cars overseas.   There are several ways to ship cars overseas: READ MORE