Industrial Scale Projects Require Industrial Scale Solutions

Breakbulk Heavy Lift and Project Cargo

All Breakbulk (BB) or Heavy-Lift (HL) shipments use a multimodal transport solution with a combination of land, sea and air using Breakbulk, RORO and/or Container vessels, Barges, Railroads, Trucks and Aircraft. Virtually all Project Cargo shipments are considered Out of Gauge (OOG); therefore, we will analyze your options for transport of the cargo depending on the various sizes and weights of each piece. At AEL, safety always comes first. In Project Cargo shipments, safety is a critical factor to ensure a smooth end-to-end solution is met for the client and all parties involved go home safely.

We have relationships with worldwide Breakbulk, RORO and Container carriers and offer full or partial charters, liner Breakbulk. AEL provides project planning and support, site surveys and cargo analysis and job-site delivery. Our global network of project cargo experts gives you peace of mind of your shipments in the following highly specialized areas:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Power Generation (traditional and renewable energy)
  • Infrastructure and Construction

Solutions for every project

With our worldwide team of experts and our air and ocean freight transportation capabilities, we offer integrated tailor-made project logistics and forwarding management services. The construction of large infrastructure projects present complex logistics challenges that often involve the transportation of very heavy and oversized loads.  Whether you are moving a transformer from point A to B or moving an entire industrial plant, we have the staff, knowledge, and carriers to create an end-to-end logistics solution to get the job done.  We are capable of handling any L/C (letter of credit) shipment for import or export cargo.

Ocean and Air Chartering services

We provide full and partial chartering of breakbulk and heavy lift vessels, barges, tugs and boats around the world through our experienced marine and air charter desks.

Global presence – Experts around the world

With a worldwide network of partners with a solid technical and analytical knowledge base that are specialized in Breakbulk, Heavy-Lift and Project Cargo, you will be confident that our team will be able to door-to-door service from any origin country to any site in the world. Our dedicated global project cargo experts will analyze, plan and execute the logistics plan according to your requirements.

Analyzing, Planning and Execution – From Door to Door

As an integrated member of your company’s team, we will begin by analyzing your project’s requirements, creating a strategic plan, and begin to execute that plan. This includes: vendor management and PO processing, cargo collection and packing, export customs clearance and trucking to port or airport of origin. From there, we execute on destination import clearance, customs clearance procedures, destination requirements/specifications, and any other requirements that are needed.

We can handle the following dangerous goods (DG) classes of cargo as well:
2) Gases
3) Flammable Liquids
4) Flammable Solids
5) Oxidizing Substances
6) Toxic & Infectious Substances
8) Corrosives
9) Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Cargo Track and Trace

Depending on the project’s size, scope and transit time, we can provide digital track/tracing services via email or online web tracking. We will have dedicated personnel to update you on the whereabouts of your shipment.

Why Us?

Our team will spend the time required to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your time and cost requirements. We always intend to be a “partner” rather than just another logistics company for your project shipments. Our intention is always to integrate within your company and be an extension of your company’s logistics and/or engineering team.

We apply our company’s collective knowledge base, skill set and project management techniques to a broad range of activities to meet the requirements of a particular project.

AEL has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from both on the job projects, large and small, in various industries as well as in-classroom training, conferences, exhibitions and up-to-date information on the Project Cargo industry.