Arrangement of Customs Brokerage and Customs Clearance Services

AEL offers the arrangement of full-service Import Customs Clearance services for importers who need to clear their cargo with US Customs. We have highly capable Customs House Brokers throughout the country that have experience in all areas of import customs clearance.

Our Import Services include:

•Customs Clearance / ISF Filing / Customs Bonds & Insurance / Import and Export Carnet / T&E /In Bond Entry / HTS Classification / Remote Entries and Filing / Prior Notice Filing / TIB (Temporary Import Bond) / Warehouse Entry

• CBP/FDA/USDA Exam Processing
• Classification
• Import Carnet or Export Carnet
• In-Bond Electronic Entry
• Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Duty Entries
• Temporary Importation Bond Entries (TIB) including close out

Special Services
• Manipulation Permit
• Remote Filing
• Filing Remote Split-Shipments
• Live Entry Processing (Includes Entry Fee & Cashier’s Check cost)
• General Order Customs Clearance (In additional to Entry Fee)
• Out Port Coordination Fee (When Remote cannot be done)

Other Agency Requirement
• Food & Drug Administration
• Prior Notice (Flat Rate)
• Fish & Wildlife License (Includes cost of License)
• Fish & Wildlife Permit (Includes cost of Permit)
• USDA (includes Lacey Act filing)
• Other Agency Clearance (ATF, DOT, EPA, State, Commerce Etc.)