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Theft, Partial Damage, Total Loss, and Cargo Damage Can Occur


Your freight could be lost, stolen/pilfered, dropped or damaged during transit. You need to have insurance to protect your cargo. Whether it is an All Risk, With Average or FPA/Total Loss Insurance.


Our insurance is underwritten by some of the most recognized insurance companies in the world. Some cargo is considered "general" while others are considered "restricted." The type of commodity being shipped determines the cost to insure it and the respective deductible. Please ask your Account Manager for the cost to insure your cargo and what the deductible is and the minimum deductible in case of a claim.

Some cargo insurance options include: 

  • All Risk

  • WA (With Average)

  • FPA (Free of Particular Average)

  • ICC-A

  • ICC-B

  • ICC-C

Our liability, as a transportation intermediary is limited, and is subject to the limits shown in our Terms of Conditions which can be found on this website. Therefore as a shipper, you must understand that you must insure your cargo to protect it against any loss. Contact Us to learn more.

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