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Fossil Fuel and Renewable Logistics Solutions

Oil, Gas, Industrial Power, Nuclear and Renewable Energy all of which encompass the Energy industry require a deep industry knowledge and precise attention to customer requirements. As the world continues to find new sources of energy, end-to-end supply chain solutions are needed to get parts and equipment into hard to reach places, many times in countries with challenging business and political situations.

SHIPIT Logistics®  will provide guidance as well as time and cost effective solutions to get the job done according to your requirements. From project freight forwarding, chartering and specialized, compliance management, and customized shipping to project planning, support and management, site surveys and cargo analysis and visibility and job-site delivery, we have the team and network to support your Energy related shipments.

The construction of large infrastructure projects present complex logistics challenges that often involve the transportation of very heavy, over dimensional, out of gauge and oversized loads. If your shipment is considered Breakbulk, Heavy Lift and/or Project Cargo, please visit our Breakbulk, Heavy-Lift and Project Cargo Logistics page for more information on those services. Rest assured that we always consider safety as the number one priority when handling such shipments.

We provide end-to-end solutions to manufacturers, EPC’s (engineering, procurement and construction), development companies, government projects, private industry in the following industries:

Industrial Power:

  • Chillers & boiler plants

  • Cooling and heating systems and condensers

  • Engines and turbines

  • Heat transfer equipment

  • HVAC and other energy related equipment

  • Industrial scale fluid handling

  • Power stations in the gas/steam/thermal/hydro/coal sectors

  • Sub-stations, power distribution, transmission lines


Oil & Gas:

  • LNG plants

  • On and off-shore drilling

  • Refineries and pipelines

  • Upstream and midstream projects


Renewable Energy:

  • Agricultural Equipment:

    • Cotton Pickers

    • Cultivators

    • Conveyor Belts

    • Grain Dryers

    • Harvesters

  • Biomass

  • Geothermal

  • Hydroelectric

  • Solar Power

  • Wind Energy

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