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Freight Forwarding Services for Perishable Products

The perishables industry requires precision logistics solutions for companies transporting products year-round across the globe. You need a logistics company that can ensure temperature-controlled, time-sensitive, and cost-effective management of your products throughout the cool supply chain. Temp controlled logistics is a highly specialized area of freight forwarding; you need a partner that understands your cool chain from A to Z. Whether you are moving fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, fish, meats, dairy (including milk, cheese and butter) or flowers, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Agile and flexible solutions are needed when moving perishables, especially during times of limited capacity in the air and ocean freight industry. We provided multi-modal solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • Cool supply chain visibility and IT tracking devices for up to the minute location tracking

  • Door-to-door distribution

  • Reefer (refrigerated) Ocean Freight containers (20’RF, 40’RF and 40’RF HC)

  • Regulatory and compliance

  • Sea-Air or Air-Sea shipping

  • Temperature-controlled Air Freight

  • Temperature-controlled Trucking services

  • Temperature-controlled Warehousing, Consolidation and Distribution

  • Thermal Blanket Cargo Covers for Pallets, Side Wraps and Container Liners used for either Cold and Hot Temperature Protection

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