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Animal Feed and Pet Food

Freight Forwarding Services for the Exportation of Animal Feed and Pet Food

Animal Feed and Pet Foods have many nuances, including how to sterilize, eradicate, USDA inspection and sometimes fumigate loads for export from the US to different markets.

The exportation of alfalfa hay and grass hay and related animal feed is huge export market and requires experience in both the multi-modal requirements and destination regulatory requirements. 

The food can be used for cattle, rabbits, sheep, horses, chickens, pigs as well as rodents such as mice and hamsters.

Request a Quote or Contact Us today to obtain quotes on the exportation of your animal feed cargo from the US to the world.

We provided multi-modal solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • FCL door-to-door services for animal feed including hay and pet foods

  • Drayage services 

  • 53' OTR truckload pickup

  • Transloading capabilities including USDA inspection arrangement

  • Warehouse Consolidation 

  • Stop off services for sterlization/eradication

  • Referals to 

  • Thermal Blanket Cargo Covers for Pallets, Side Wraps and Container Liners used for either Cold and Hot Temperature Protection

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