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Shipping Cars with Air Freight – Exporting Cars with Air Cargo

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We are experts at shipping cars with air freight

SHIPIT LogisticsAir Freight division offers a one-stop solution for shipping cars with air freight. We are an IATA/CNS licensed and approved Air Freight Forwarder (also known as Indirect Air Carrier – IAC). We can ship to virtually any international destination with air freight. We have a network of reliable agents who can also handle the movement from destination airport to destination door as well.

Whether you want to ship your car Airport-to-Airport, Airport-to-Door, Door-to-Airport, Door-to-Door, from any location in the United States, we are able to handle your shipment. We work with over 50 airlines to offer Air Freight solutions including charter services. If you are looking to ship your car overseas with air freight, this is the primer you need to understand how it works and what is involved. We offer cost effective solutions to ship your car to Russia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, and virtually any other country in the world.

We can ship sports cars, classic cars, racing cars, specialty collective cars, luxury cars, vans, Trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and any other type of automobile. AEL is a freight forwarder with experience and expertise in shipping cars with air freight. Whether the destination is Moscow, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Riyadh, Rio de Janeiro, Doha, Dubai, or other destination, and are shipping a Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Aston Martin, Bentley, Harley Davidson or any other type of car or motorcycle, we have the expertise and competitive pricing to get it done.

How to Ship Cars and Motorcycles by Air Freight / Air Cargo:

• Vehicle must be in running condition. • Cars must be completely empty, no personal items or extra parts are allowed in the car. • No more than 1/8 tank of gas in the car. • You must provide us a set of keys for the vehicle. • There can be no liens on the vehicle – if there is a lien, we must be provided a notarized letter from the lienholder authorizing the export of the vehicle. • Sometimes US Customs takes longer than 3 days to approve the car, if your vehicle is stored longer than the allowed free time by the airline, you will be responsible to pay those fees.

*Actual transit time once the flight has uplifted from origin can take 1 to 10 days depending on the final destination and urgency of the shipment.

Information Needed to Quote Shipping Cost with Air Freight:

• The Year, Make, Model and Measurements (L x W x H) of the Vehicle • The Original Title of the Vehicle • License plate and VIN number of the Car • Value in US dollars and confirmation on whether you want insurance or not. (airlines and freight forwarders have limits of liability in case of damage or loss) • Mode of Shipment Requested: Airport to Airport, Airport to Door, Door to Airport, Door to Door (only DAP offered, no DDP service available for cars) • Name, mailing address and phone numbers of the shipper in the U.S. • Name, mailing address and phone numbers of consignee overseas at destination.

*If the dimensions/weight provided us is different than what we receive at the airport, you will be responsible for the additional costs/charges incurred.

Contact us today at (800) 874-4748 or request a quote.



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